Our vision is to combine old and new and to invest in future start-ups based on a fresh point of view on businesses. When corporates invest in start-ups, they are often challenged with the collaboration and evaluation of the partnership. Often, this is also caused by the fact that start-ups wish to revolutionize their industry. However, corporates cannot ignore this progress, but should become part of it. Capricorn is the connection between the "old economy" and the "startup world"and helps to fulfill investments between companies and start-ups and conceive advantages for both parts. With this venture capital as a service model, we keep our independency and do not appear in the name of any company.



Find investors

Capricorn Ventures concentrates on financing sustainable business models. It is very important for us to provide not only the money, but to also accompany start-ups thanks to our experienced know-how in company vision, regulation of companies, agile product and software development. Do you want to change the world together? Then please send us your contact details and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 






Conclude business relations

We invest together and we see advantages in the collaboration of investments. Get part of our investor network right now and we will be successful together. With Capricorn Ventures, we especially try to bring a fresh point of view in the field of investments to find the potential future teams.

Are you part of the "old economy" and do you not want to miss the innovation, which will replace you? Contact us and we will explain you our concept in detail.